Sustainable construction project case studies

The practice of diverting waste from disposal in a landfill, by means of eliminating or minimizing waste, or reuse of materials. Protocols underpin each indicator in the Guidelines and include definitions for key terms in the indicator, compilation methodologies, intended scope of the indicator, and other technical references.

Waste generated from the process of intentional dismantling all or portions of a building, and clearing of buildings and contents destroyed or damaged as a result of natural or anthropogenic hazards. For example, discarded paints and solvents would have ignitability characteristics; batteries would have corrosivity characteristics.

The completed work, a mixed-use property with two ground-level commercial units and two residential units above, maintains and enhances the character of the original house by using salvaged material and dramatically restructuring some of the spaces.

The number of credits generally determines the level of achievement. Introducing a material into some process for remanufacture into a new product, which may be the same or similar product or a completely different type of product.

They are organized by two project categories. The subsequent use of a material, product, or component upon salvage. Ratings systems and tools intended for buildings are not designed for this context and cannot adequately assess the extensive external benefits and impacts infrastructure has on a community.

It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans impact on the environment. The savings in money come from more efficient use of utilities which result in decreased energy bills.

Construction and demolition debris are regulated under Subtitle D: The number 21 refers to the 21st century. It incorporates elements of economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility — and contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, technical innovation and transferability are included.

The First Hospital of Jilin University was selected to be the pilot hospital for this project, focusing on alternative energy generation and energy efficiency. Salvaged materials can be found throughout the entire project: Description Effective management of building-related waste requires coordinated action of governmental, business, and professional groups and their activities.

Envision provides industry-wide sustainability metrics for all types and sizes of infrastructure to help users assess and measure the extent to which their project contributes to conditions of sustainability across the full range of social, economic, and environmental indicators.

Draft LEED [30] is about to expand the scope of the involved products. Waste which is economically impractical to recover for reuse or to divert from disposal.The Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) promotes the use of sustainable practices during the investigation, construction, remediation, redevelopment, and monitoring of environmental cleanup sites, with the objective of balancing economic viability, conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and the enhancement of the quality of life in surrounding communities.

Incorporating an ecological design and construction process and a commitment to recycling and reuse figured prominently in the renovation of Adeline Street. The project maintained high standards for energy-efficient design, sustainable materials, and "internal" recycling by reusing, in new locations, the doors, windows, trim, and siding.

The B3 tools and programs are designed to help make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. select Home; Projects; Contact; VIEWS. Tile Card Table. Table Views: Construction Type Building Area (sf) Design Submission Status Design Compliance Project Team. Case Studies Database. Green Architect, Building Sustainable Schools: A Case Study We take a look at the work of a British green architect, who specialises in designing and building sustainable schools.

Green Architect, Designer of the Eden Project: A Case Study. AASHE’s case study library contains hundreds of detailed case studies on a wide variety of higher education sustainability initiatives from faculty development programs to whole campus energy retrofits to community partnerships.

Engineers for a Sustainable World (CO) Project Delta was created by ESW-UTEP to evaluate and enhance The.

Sustainable Construction

Case Studies Below you will find case studies that demonstrate the 'whole building' process in facility design, construction and maintenance. Click on any arrow in a column to arrange the list in ascending or descending order.

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Sustainable construction project case studies
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