Research papers on green banking in india

In this process these industries will loose their competitiveness in the international market, which would directly affect Indian economy and the banking sector. Faciltiy of Online submission of Articles on the web-site. Introduction Sustainable development has emerged as a new paradigm of development in response to the current discourse of development that over-exploits natural environment for economic prosperity.

The banking sector continued to report high slippages on account of farm loan waivers and default in their corporate loan portfolio. In the case of failure, it would lead to closure of the industries leading to a likelihood of default to the bank. These banking activities also provide convenience to the consumers in terms of time management, energy and fuel conservation as they need not visit the branch for every transaction.

Voluntary commitment has its own shortcoming in a competitive market. Government can further provide tax incentives and other financial help requirements. The polluting industries face more resistance and often forced to closedown or face massive boycott by the consumers.

Reduces the Credit Risk It helps easy recovery of the financed loan and thus reduces the credit risk of the bank. So demand for green money is a precondition of green banking if it will be voluntary. They can also have an environmental assessment requirement for the projects seeking finance.

As far as green banking in concerned, Indias banks and financial institutions are running behind time. This forces the clients to perform in an environment friendly way. Thus, it is important that Indian Banks should realize their responsibilities towards the environment as well as the society in order to compete and survive in the global market.

All the international initiatives towards integrating environmental concerns into business operation of banks are voluntary in nature and are meant to promote a common good of a better ecosystem.

The findings reveals that the Indian banks are identified the importance of environmental protection and started taking various initiatives under its green banking activities. To aid the reduction of external carbon emission, banks should finance green technology and pollution reducing projects.

Thus, the change in the attitudes towards the environment can make the debtors tough to survive by affecting the banks capability to repay the loan amount to the bank.

Green Banking

It was also observed that green banking consciousness is high in the higher levels of management in the banks and this consciousness reduces with the lower levels of management and least with the employees who are in day to day direct touch with the customers.

This adds to their cost enormously. The gross domestic product GDP grew by 7. In the recent years, the international organization for standardization ISO has issued series of comprehensive guidelines for incorporating environmental protection and pollution prevention objectives into industrial activity worldwide, known collectively as ISO In a broad sense, green banking serves the commercial objective of the bank as well as the corporate social responsibility.

Current World Environment

Though, NEP is silent about the role of financial institutions, it brings out clearly the role of different stake holders such as government, industry, civil society and public.Green Banking Initiatives of the Commercial Banks in India kaleiseminari.comel* ‘green banking’, for which it has constituted an Environment Management Committee to implement its green banking initiatives.

The bank has rolled out Reserve Bank of India, has green banking.

Profitability in banks of India: an impact study of implementation of green banking

deepened Islamic banking system, the impact of an Islamic banking system on the effect of legal origin as a determinant of economic development, and changes in. Although a variety of research on green marketing has been conducted across the globe; little academic research on consumer perception and preferences has been carried out in India.

Electronic Green Journal

This research provides a brief review of environmental issues and identifies the green values of the consumers, their level of awareness about environmental issues. Green banking has been an integral part of the banking system in the developed and the developing economies of the world.

Much research has been carried out on the concept of green banking. FINANCIAL LIBERALISATION AND RURAL BANKING IN INDIA V. K. RAMACHANDRAN AND MADHURA SWAMINATHAN Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Paper to be presented at the International Conference on ‘The Agrarian Constraint and Poverty Reduction.

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Research papers on green banking in india
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